Welcome to the Generation Data Online Course!

For too long, big data has been seen as a subject only for large corporations, but in recent years the cost of data analysis has dropped considerably and it is an opportune time for YOU to learn how to use data to stay ahead of the curve.

While there are many generic digital courses for entrepreneurs, this one is different! Our focus is on how you can use data skills for profit! 

Who is this course for?

Early stage entrepreneurs and management studies students (future entrepreneurs) who need to know how to build data skills into their business plans.

SME managers (current entrepreneurs), who need to learn how to grow their smart data capacity even with limited resources.

Entrepreneurship education providers who recognise the at big data is an important trend but lack understanding of its relevance for their daily work, as well as the pedagogical strategies to teach it to others.

Economic development stakeholders who need scalable strategies for upskilling our population in data skills and digital competencies in general, in order to ensure economies, stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

How to take the Generation Data Online Course:

Our Generation Data Online Course is broken down into 7 individual modules each consisting of case studies, unique insights, additional resources and a knowledge check to complete the module! It is clearly signposted for easy, flexible, self-led learning. Each module can be used as a standalone training module, however we recommend that you follow it in the instructed order, in conjunction with the additional resources, to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.