Welcome to the Generation Data Online Course! 

For too long, big data has been seen as a subject only for large corporations, but in recent years the cost of data analysis has dropped considerably and it is an opportune time for YOU to learn how to use data to stay ahead of the curve.

While there are many generic digital courses for entrepreneurs, this one is different! Our focus is on how you can use data skills for profit!

Objective of the Course

The Generation Data Online course will provide a multilingual, interactive learning course enabling direct access to educational resources and skills development activities for students and start-up entrepreneurs wishing to improve their skills in data generation, management and analysis.

Our specific objectives are:

  • Enable learners to access the content of the classroom course in flexible. bite-sized learning chunks according to their specific learning needs.
  • Ensure compatibility with computer, tablet or smartphone, so users can learn at their own pace and irrespective of time availability or geographic location.
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning through guided and spontaneous interaction on the course platform.
  • Our Generation Data online course is freely accessible online, and will build on the knowledge which has been established in previous activities. Through this course we hope to get you thinking a little more deeply about data and how it impacts your life, business and profits!

Notes Module 1