Learning Event

On Tuesday March 31st,  Generation Data hosted an insightful online learning event to give you an immersion into Generation Data.

Words of welcome –Dr Pádraig Gallagher, LYIT

Host of our learning event   Pádraig had organised an immersive learning week to be held in Letterkenny 30th March – 3rd April but that was to be given the current Covid19 crisis. Remoulding the event into an online format, we still benefit from Generation Data.  Pádraig is a professional accountant, holds an MBA and his PhD focused on graduate employability in the SME sector. He has over 20 years’ experience in enterprise development, innovation, research and tech transfer.

About Generation Data Erasmus + project and  The Generation Data Toolkit –   Dr Joanna Markiewicz, Szczecin University, Poland

Lead of Generation Data, Dr Joanna Markiewicz is an academic lecturer with over 14-years’ experience in research on innovation. During her academic career she lectured in Business Models, Management of Innovation, Innovation and Creativity and Technological Progress and Innovations. Joanna introduces us to IO1, The Generation Data Toolkit, a publication that introduces the main tenets of data skills education to HEI professionals, including results from our survey, a summary of the policy environment and best practice ideas for teaching data skills to students.

The truth about data     Dr. Eoghan Furey, LYIT, Ireland

Data is a powerful tool when used properly, and it lends itself to informed decision making – but “informed” is the key word. Being informed doesn’t just mean using an evidence base; it means understanding how that evidence was gathered and where it might fall short. Dr. Furey discusses some of the misconceptions around data analytics and approaches to combat these.

Dr. Eoghan Furey is a lecturer at Letterkenny Institute of Technology specialising in Cloud Computing, Machine Learning & AI and TSP – Trust, Security and Privacy https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Eoghan_Furey

The future of data   Ina O’Murchu  https://www.linkedin.com/in/inaom/

Ina is an early adopter of Technologies and Technopreneur. She developed her first website in 1995. With a background in STEM, she has worked with data and researched the Semantic Web since 2003. She developed an ontology as part of her research at the Insight Center For Data Analytics. Specializing in the Decentralised Web, Web 3.0 and Online Communities she currently works on a number of technology projects internationally.

Ina will share foresights as we move into The Technological/Machine Age, covering topics such as  The Future of Finance (Crypto + Quantum Finance), Supply Chains (Blockchain) and a new form of Governance and Collective Intelligence for decision making called the DAOstack.

Generation Data Learning Resources   Orla Casey, Feltech, Ireland

Generation Data aims to improve the ability of HEI education providers to understand and teach smart data skills, thus providing students, early stage entrepreneurs and businesses with more relevant, effective training.   Orla introduces us to Generation Data Open Education Resources; the curriculum and teachers’ guide which enable teachers and lecturers to deliver classroom and small group training to students and start-up entrepreneurs on this topic. She encourages HEI teachers and lecturers to adopt the curriculum and integrate it into their existing entrepreneurship programmes.

Generation Data Online Learning Resources  Catherine Neill, EUEI, Denmark

European E-learning Institute (EUEI) specialises in the creation of powerful online platforms, immersive educational environments and provision of resources and tools to create truly valuable learning experiences.  Catherine introduces us to the Online Course, an interactive learning course in which students at all stages can learn more and put data skills into practice.

Online Course